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CommAf prides itself on being a centre of excellence in terms of service delivery. We maintain a large staff of trained technicians to cater for every eventuality. We hold spares for all our PBX systems and even have complete backup systems ready to be installed if ever there is a problem.

Customer reference sites
University of Zimbabwe - OmniPCX Enterprise (2,250 ports, remote shelves)

Old Mutual/CABS - OmniPCX Enterprise (
1,800 ports, multi site IP Network, Call Centre, Voice Recorder)

Stanbic Bank - OmniPCX Enterprise (multi site IP Network)

Swift - OmniPCX Office (
multi site IP Network, Call Centre)

- OmniPCX Office (multi site IP Network, Call Centre)
Fault Reports
If you have a PBX system installed by CommAf and experience any difficulties with it please report the situation to our Faults Call Centre on 08677 000 677, 
024 4750436,  Skype Chat
with CommAf Support Skype CommAf Support, or call our nearest branch office if you are outside Harare. If a fault is reported early enough in the morning on a normal working day we will attend to it that same day. With serious faults, for example where an entire PBX is down, we will be on site within hours of the report.
Please insist on being given an official CommAf fault report reference number as this will ensure that your request is registered and this will allow us to monitor the quality of service we provide.
Changes to your installation
If you have a PBX system installed by CommAf and require any changes to the configuration please contact our service department on 
08677 000 677, (024) 2751012, or our nearest branch office if you are outside Harare, and lodge your request with them.  Changes of service are handled by a different department from faults and because of  work scheduling we may not necessarily be able to comply within the same working day, so please do not leave change of service requests to the last moment.
Make sure you know who you are dealing with 
Always ensure that you are dealing with legitmate CommAf staff by using the contact details provided below. We have had instances where people have opted to deal direct with someone purporting to be CommAf and they have invariably had issues for which we cannot really be held responsible.
If in doubt about the validity of any communication please do not hesitate to contact us on 
08677 000 677 or (024) 2751012 for verification.

All Enquiries
Harare Head Office
Powerspeed Complex
Gate 3, 1st Floor
54 Kelvin Rd North
SIP + 263 (0) 8677 000 677
Tel + 263 24 2751012
      + 263 24 2770345
Cell + 263 (0)77 2164 446
After Hours
Tel +263 24 2750439
Email sales(at)
Skype Chat with CommAf Support CommAf Support
5 Sheffield Street
Tel  + 263 29 2271732
       + 263 29 2264374
Cell + 263 (0) 77 2815 626

53 3rd Street,
Tel  + 263 20 2063666
       + 263 20 2065697
Cell + 263 (0) 77  3442 178